In close cooperation with domain experts and analysts and within the framework of user-centered design, concepts of data-based storytelling are investigated, developed in the form of functional prototypes, and evaluated with authors and readers. The Interaction Design Lab is the research laboratory of the Interface Design Programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Germany. A Brief History of CO2 Emissions. The lab is a space for international interaction design experts from industry and academia. Project. It is based on the master thesis by Victor Vina “Box. is-the-lab-open. International conference on information design & visualization in Potsdam. Shell Script for creating Raspberry PI SD card on OS X. Grundlagen der prozessorientierten Gestaltung". Project. Open System for Connected People”. The Interaction Design Lab is the research laboratory of the Interface Design Programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Germany. Wrapper for the Shifted Maps project to be used in the coming exhibitions. 26.03.2019 - Llissa Canat hat diesen Pin entdeckt. A combined repo for the steel ants to add there data into. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Create New Account. VIKUS Viewer. @author mphasize, Documentation of the seminar "prototyping-machines" @ University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Germany), Framework for presenting visualizations in exhibitions, public demonstration or similar use cases. Website https://www.fh President (legal representative) Prof. Dr. Eva Schmitt-Rodermund About the FHP The FHP is a young, dynamic University of Applied Sciences founded in 1991, which has already achieved a remarkable reputation. Shifted Maps visualizes personal movement data as a network of map extracts showing visited places. FHP-Genderpreis 2020 geht an Designstudentin Marie Dietze Marie Dietze, Absolventin des Fachbereichs Design, wird für ihre Masterarbeit „Assembling Fragments – Exploring Feminist Modes of Hacking through Design“ mit dem Genderpreis der FH Potsdam ausgezeichnet. DNBVIS. Offizielle Seite des Fachbereichs Design der FH Potsdam. Logger utility functions for the "Forschungsfenster" software components. Interaction Design Lab University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Multi-modal Interaction for Disaster Management, Portal and Visualization Design for Rhineland-Palatinate, Tangible Geo-Visualization of Architectural Projects, Tangible Exploration of Social and Intellectual Networks, Metadata for Architectural Contents in Europe, Visualizations for Network Security Dashboards, Interactive Visualizations in an Immersive Environment. Das Interaction Design Lab ist die Forschungseinrichtung des Studiengangs Interface Design an der Fachhochschule Potsdam. Move along, ATtiny microcontroller support for the Arduino IDE, BC×3 I @ University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Germany), BC×3 II @ University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Germany), written for block seminar @FH-Potsdam Werkstattpraxis 14W4D-IL Interface-Labor WS 2013/2014, A study courses viewer using the FH-Potsdam/coursesAPI, All Coding Sessions from the seminar Creative Technologists - Tracing the City, assigment for the seminar CT - Tracing the city, Keyboardhack template for the seminar creative Technologist, Boilerplate/Template for the seminar Creative Technologist - Excercise Making Things Move, ct-mtm-a-joseph14 created by GitHub Classroom, ct-mtm-aaengelberg created by GitHub Classroom, ct-mtm-AgathaCrystal created by GitHub Classroom, ct-mtm-carl-qq created by GitHub Classroom, ct-mtm-fabianmoronzirfas created by GitHub Classroom, ct-mtm-kochlisa created by GitHub Classroom, ct-mtm-The-bastART created by GitHub Classroom, How to for generating GCode through SVG from code, cti-a-joseph14 created by GitHub Classroom, cti-aaengelberg created by GitHub Classroom, cti-AgathaCrystal created by GitHub Classroom, cti-AGlazkova created by GitHub Classroom, cti-ahaahaahaa created by GitHub Classroom, cti-BabalouBoi created by GitHub Classroom, cti-dISCOeRG0sUM created by GitHub Classroom, cti-fabianmoronzirfas created by GitHub Classroom, cti-fatherhummingbird created by GitHub Classroom, cti-kennyloeffler created by GitHub Classroom, cti-milanwulf created by GitHub Classroom, cti-SchmittVa created by GitHub Classroom, cti-The-bastART created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-a-joseph14 created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-aaengelberg created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-AgathaCrystal created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-AGlazkova created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-ahaahaahaa created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-BabalouBoi created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-dISCOeRG0sUM created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-fabianmoronzirfas created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-fatherhummingbird created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-milanwulf created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-SchmittVa created by GitHub Classroom, ctk-The-bastART created by GitHub Classroom, Dataviz Challenges 2013 - class material from the interface design programme @ FH Potsdam, Starter kit for the seminar "Creative Technologists - Tracing the City" @ University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Germany) by Fabian Morón Zirfas, proof of concept on how build a docker container for Node.js apps, Some simple sketches for using the schmalzhaus - easydriver, a microsite for the seminar Eingabe/Ausgabe in 2014/2015 - 2015 - 2015/2016, Visualization of the Natural Hazards listed by the NASA Earth Observatory in 2015, Python addon for creating paper models in Blender 2.7 (development version), Examples for learning the basics of Adobe ExtendScript @FH-Potsdam with a focus on InDesign, import tilemill images to InDesign and map coordiantes onto it, Index of public and open source projects created at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Germany, A scrapper for extracting courses information of the University of Applied Science Potsdam, Script to simplify VPN usage on campus @vicegold. Hinter nachfolgendem Link finden Sie eine Übersicht aller angebotenen Studiengänge des Fachbereichs. A simple setup for constantly recording with the Raspberry Pi camera and some LEDs to light u pthe scene. Der Fachbereich Design bietet Bachelor- und Masterstudiengänge sowohl im Bereich Design, als auch im Bereich Medienwissenschaften an. Places allows you to see where your friends are and share your location in the real world. Nothing to see here. Offizielle Seite des Fachbereichs Design der FH Potsdam. Willkommen am Fachbereich Design Charakteristisch für den Fachbereich Design ist die enge Verzahnung seiner Studiengänge Interface-, Kommunikations- und Produktdesign und Europäische Medienwissenschaft, einem Kooperationsprojekt mit der Universität Potsdam. some small tools for setting up github repositories. Get Directions +49 331 5801401. interface.fh-potsdam… basic examples using johnny five with particle photon. JavaScript. 1,659 people like this. ... has been to familiarize students with the principles and methods of information visualization and to enable them to design, implement and deploy visualizations for data analysis and application scenarios in the information sciences and beyond. See it online at, Course code repository for the "Map Interfaces" class from the Interface design programme at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, Germany, mtmi-AgathaCrystal created by GitHub Classroom, mtmi-DanEglau created by GitHub Classroom, mtmi-dISCOeRG0sUM created by GitHub Classroom, mtmi-fabianmoronzirfas created by GitHub Classroom, mtmi-fatherhummingbird created by GitHub Classroom, mtmi-SchmittVa created by GitHub Classroom, mtmi-The-bastART created by GitHub Classroom. College & University in Potsdam, Germany. Grundlagen der prozessorientierten Gestaltung" by Monika Hoinkis & Fabian Morón Zirfas, Repo for teaching collaborative workflows @FH-Potsdam 2014-SoSe-14W4D-IL-Blockseminar, this is just test code. Öffentliches Material zum Studiengang Interface Design an der FH-Potsdam. An interactive map of Taipei that let's you explore the city through its unique sounds. Check out our new and improved places directory. The crux of this change was to define disability as context dependent rather than as an attribute of a person. Visualizing a numismatic collection as heaps, streams, and plots. In 2014, the World Health Organization radically revised their definition of disability. Community See All. An interdisciplinary project course on editorial design, information visualization and intersectional feminism at Fachhochschule Potsdam during the summer term 2019. Wekinator passes it on to "input_from_wekinator". Coins. An experiment on location based triggers. To learn how to train the ML process see: the-ultimate-laser-guide for University of Applied Sciences Potsdam (Germany), reading data from the tobii eyetracker with R used @FH-Potsdam, This is DEPRECATED. Forgot account? When you use Places, or. IO-SoSe-2015-DATA. The lab is a space for international interaction design experts from industry and academia. About See All. See more of Interfacedesign FH Potsdam on Facebook. DIY (Multi) Touch (less) Human Computer Interaction (Projektwochen), This repo is 4 the course "Eingabe, Ausgabe. Results of the FH Potsdam participation of the Microsoft Research Design Expo. Kiepenheuerallee 5 (5,012.80 mi) Potsdam, Germany 14469. Das Labor beherbergt ein internationales Team an Forscher_innen, Designer_innen und Entwickler_innen, die ihre Wurzeln in Wissenschaft und Industrie haben. The course material consists of two main parts: lectures and tutorials. As the name says it uses audio jacks as medium for communication. Repo for the course Eingabe, Ausgabe. 110 were here. An animated short film on greenhouse gas emissions . A example repo for the seminar Input Output (Eingabe Ausgabe) Fundamentals of process-oriented design. The Product Design Department at Fachhochschule Potsdam University of Applied Sciences on Simplest sketches to get started with Wekinator and Processing. See FH-Potsdam/tobii_eyetracker instead, reading data from the tobii eyetracker with Processing used @FH-Potsdam, a TUIO touch particle system written for block seminar @FH-Potsdam Werkstattpraxis 14W4D-IL Interface-Labor WS 2013/2014, **this is "proof of concept" software** Use package.json parameters at your Vagrantfile, Source files for a video workshop @FHPotsdam for the seminar Lost in Navigation by Prof. Myriel Milicevic and Fabian Morón Zirfas, Course on Visual Information Exploration WS 2013/14, © FH-Potsdam InterfaceDesign 2013-2016 Editorial Design & Information Visualization, Summer 2019 Prof. Franziska Morlok & Prof. Dr. Marian Dörk. Summer 2020. The lab is a space for international interaction design experts from industry and academia. 23.11.2018 - Mat Poussou hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Log In. Project. Revision: ae16d64a5e759c1b82ca3edbb1d2402f7a62b6d2. Microsoft Research Design Expo Inclusive Design & Technologies. A check list for creating the documentation for the seminar Input/Output - basics of process oriented design ("Eingabe/Ausgabe. 1,342 Followers, 427 Following, 308 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Design FH Potsdam ( Build on top of Jekyll and Twitter Bootstrap Project. Interfacedesign FH Potsdam. Grundlagen der prozessorientierten Gestaltung by Monika Hoinkis and Fabian Morón Zirfas, Öffentliches Material zum Studiengang Interface Design an der FH-Potsdam. Explore cultural collections along time, texture and themes. 577 likes. 1 2 A example repo for the seminar Input Output (Eingabe Ausgabe) Fundamentals of process-oriented design. Offizielle Seite des Fachbereichs Design der FH Potsdam. simple processing sketches to help with Human Interaction Device hacking. 108 were here. 26 check-ins. Naršyti vietoves. D3 Visualization experiments from the course: »Forschendes Lernen: New ways for visual pattern recognition«, WS2013/14, FH-Potsdam, A small Processing sketch that helps with the keyboard hack.