According to the company medical service, there is no obligation for the lecturer to wear a mouth and nose cover during the lectures if the required minimum distance is observed. No further or prior examination by the Human Resources Department is required in these cases. How many confirmed and suspected cases of the corona virus are there at Chemnitz University of Technology at the moment? If necessary, these can be obtained from the postal office at Straße der Nationen 62. The basis for the central examination period was the strict adherence to the hygiene concept for written exams (version 1.3, September 17, 2020). Apartment and home office must be physically separated from each other. The selection “Video – H.264 + MP3 (MP4)” already generates very well compressed files. Until when can I enrol for a place at TU Chemnitz? Approval by the crisis management team is not required. Everyone can only vote once. However, it should be noted that this new legal regulation merely extends the legal framework for setting time limits for qualifications in accordance with § 2 para. Is it possible to conduct job interviews on site during selective and limited presence operation? Please also consult the patient guidelines for citzen of Chemnitz regarding testing for the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 (German only). It is difficult enough for students to follow a classic lecture for 90 minutes, but as a video stream it becomes even more difficult. or are on sick leave, they must be reachable via telephone and/or e-mail. In this case, please contact the contact person in the responsible DAAD department directly, as the decision on how to deal with expenses already incurred can be made solely by the DAAD. Website VideoLAN and Download VLC Multimedia Player. Dezember 2020, websites of the City of Chemnitz regarding the corona virus. You can reach the office of the President with questions, The office of the Vice Presidents can be contacted. Eine Öffnung des BAföG mit diesen Mitteln wäre ein gerechterer und nachhaltigerer Ansatz gewesen, um krisengeschuldete Studienabbrüche zu vermeiden und Bildungsgerechtigkeit zu fördern. On the website of the Student_innenrat (StuRa) of Chemnitz University of Technology you will find further information on this topic. 132 people died. If a funding period has expired, students should simply continue to submit BAföG applications in a timely manner. Advice from the Central Student Advisory Office, the International University Centre and TU4U is available by telephone during office hours and by e-mail outside office hours. This means: Operations at Chemnitz University of Technology will be shut down to an absolutely necessary minimum until 22 December 2020. According to Dr. Georg Brüggen, author of the Handbook of Saxon University Law, "[t]he constituent elements 'meeting', 'present' and 'attendees' [...] can be based on a virtual understanding of a meeting, provided that this form of meeting is used as a subsidiary possibility and not as an arbitrary alternative". This regulation applies to all children who have not yet reached the age of 12 or who are disabled and require assistance. SLUB (vom 14.12.2020 bis 10.01.2021 für den Publikumsverkehr geschlossen) TU Dresden; Uni Leipzig; TU Chemnitz; TU Bergakademie Freiberg Should it verifiably not be possible to conduct certain exams digitally, the Crisis Management Team or University Management can approve exceptions – analogous to the procedure for courses that cannot be conducted digitally (e.g. A separate application (e.g. AK Vernetzung zu Fällen von Antifeminismus bei der KIF : Jeanette (Alumni/Gö) nein: wenn möglich ein offener Brief an die KIF AK1: Input von Christiane Fuchs (BdWi) Manu (Uni Wien) Nein: Input durch Christiane Fuchs Wissenschaftskommunikation On the other hand, it should be noted that the URZ at Chemnitz University of Technology has developed a voting tool for elections within the framework of digital sessions, which guarantees the secrecy of the vote. März eine Hausarbeit angemeldet, so zählen in die Frist nur die 6 Tage bis einschließlich 10. From 24 December 2020 to 1 January 2021, Chemnitz University of Technology will remain closed as agreed with the Staff Council. Therefore, it is advisable to check the current development on the websites of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) as well as of the respective federal state, district, etc. The concrete form of the inspection of written examinations is not regulated by the examination regulations or otherwise by law, so that the form of the inspection requires a discretionary decision. From outside, dial-in via VPN (Virtual Private Network is required. –The 10 most important hygiene tips (PDF info sheet from, Preventing infections: The Top Ten tips for hygiene (png by, How can I prevent infections? Currently, eight employees of Chemnitz University of Technology have been tested positive for the corona virus. Furthermore, the ZfSG provides various digital offers on its websites. How do I apply for it? For more information on how to use Zoom, please visit the website of the URZ. Meetings in public and private spaces are to be limited to a maximum of two households and a maximum of five people. At midnight on December 18, 2020, 5,334 people in Chemnitz have been tested positive for the coronavirus. During New Year's stand-by operation, neither on-site courses nor on-site exams (exception: creation of teaching videos of laboratory experiments, etc. Upon presentation of a medical report in German, English or French, which does not indicate the presence of an infection with the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), travelers from international risk areas can be released from the mandatory 10-day quarantine ahead of time after notification to the responsible health office. Es ist Partner der Studierenden der Technischen Universität Chemnitz und der Westsächsischen Hochschule Zwickau (FH). Can committee sessions, meetings, project partner meetings etc. The relevant qualification certificate must briefly describe the restrictions caused by the pandemic and the intended achievement of the qualification goal during the period of continued employment applied for. section 2.3.1 of the Human Resources Department. Members of Chemnitz University of Technology can contact the Psychosocial Counseling Center of the Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy in case of acute psychological stress or problems by calling +49 371 531-28404. BAföG will therefore continue to be paid even if the university closes due to the pandemic and lectures or examination dates are cancelled. The blog entries are constantly updated. However, the team will be available via telephone and e-mail through their common contact details. a possible requirement of openness to the public should also be observed in the case of video conferences (since according to § 56 SächsHSFG the Senate and the Extended Senate meet publicly at the university level and the Faculty Councils meet publicly at the faculty level). Group discussions in practical courses, exercises and seminars are not always useful via telephone conference (see consultation hours), but require a visual channel. (ZfSG) will remain closed. by telephone. Are events currently taking place at Chemnitz University of Technology? on all stairs, corridors, and in jointly used rooms etc. To do so, click on the button “Record Slide Show” in the ribbon “Slide Show”. Philipp Cain, Representative of the Staff Council, Michael Schmischke, Commissioner of the University Management for Junior Researchers, Marius Hirschfeld, Commissioner of the University Management for Students/Representative of the Student Council (StuRa) in the crisis management team, Lothar Kempe, Head of the University Computer Center (URZ), Monique Kautz, Head of the Office for Security at Work and Environment Protection (BfAU), Diana Schreiterer, Assistant of the President/contact person of the university management on the topic of coronavirus, for people seeking advice with problems below the threshold of a mental disorder or. Questions during the course can be asked via chat or microphone. there is no integrated return channel for your viewers. It is easier if you set up a conference call via ConferenceNow. step-by-step guide as well as a FAQ section. If the test result is positive, attendance at the university is still not possible. If you want to address questions or problems to the URZ, please use only the service address (send your request by e-mail to support@...). Further information is available on the websites of the City of Chemnitz. by telephone or video conference), if compelling official reasons are presented - however, from November 2, 2020, only within Germany and for trips to areas that do not have an. Outside office hours, you can also contact the Central Course Guidance Service with your request by e-mail. The URZ has developed a special voting tool for voting in virtual TU committee meetings (classified as “secret” or “by name”): voting tool – you will also find detailed instructions for the tool. In this case, please contact the Human Resources Department (phone: +49 371 531-12200, e-mail: dezernat2@... CC: kontakt-corona@...) immediately by telephone and do not come to work until an infection has been ruled out. Further information can be found on the TU4U website. Together you can discuss alternative examination forms and times. With the start of selective and limited presence operation at Chemnitz University of Technology on 1 June 2020, examinations should be offered as online exams as far as possible. Getrennte Zahlen nach Studierenden und SchülerInnen liegen jeweils nicht vor. 2 WissZeitVG!). The child is “ill” in the sense of the regulation, as he or she is suspected of being ill or infected according to the Infection Protection Act. This also applies when, for example, exams are postponed until after the standard duration of study. by means of the date. OBS is of course also suitable for screen recordings (see question: “How can I technically switch my lecture to video?”). My video takes up too much space. Who is a member of the university crisis management team? The Online Platform for Academic Teaching and Learning OPAL is the central teaching/learning platform of the universities in Saxony, which is realised by the BPS Bildungsportal Sachsen GmbH. a committee meeting). all employees of Chemnitz University of Technology are required to make use of mobile work as far as possible. Dabei handelt es sich in einschlägigen Fällen um eine Mitteilung an die Stadt Chemnitz zur Einleitung eines Bußgeldverfahrens nach § 8 Abs. 29a, 09126 Chemnitz). Approval by the crisis management team is not required. § 12 Service Agreement on Working Time Regulations), Due to the feared steep rise in the number of infections after the Christmas holidays and New Year's Eve, Chemnitz University of Technology will be put into. Veranstaltungen. During the New Year's stand-by period from 2 to 10 January 2021, only core team members will have access. ... Bafög gesichert. If you need recordings beyond PowerPoint slides, for example of experiments or blackboard addresses, you can also borrow one of the four video backpacks of the Professorship of Media Informatics for free. For this reason, Chemnitz University of Technology has set up a crisis management team which is in close coordination with the internal departments and at the same time maintains a regular exchange with external bodies, such as the Chemnitz City Health Office. These regulations are only valid until the resumption of regular lectures. lending and inter-library loan of the University Library. If this confirmation cannot be provided immediately, it can be submitted within one working day. Who can I contact at Chemnitz University of Technology with questions about coronavirus? What do I have to do? Unser Bafög-Amt möchte den Leistungsnachweis jedoch schon im September haben. What is the procedure for cancelling trips and events as part of project funding by the DAAD? From May 4, 2020, however, it is permitted to use the University Library exclusively for the purpose of (interlibrary) loan. We ask you to communicate the chosen alternative to the students clearly and as early as possible. TU Chemnitz verschiebt Beginn des Vorlesungsbetriebs 12.03.2020, 18:01 Uhr | dpa Die Technische Universität (TU) Chemnitz verschiebt wegen der Corona-Ausbreitung den Beginn des Vorlesungsbetriebs. The background to this decision is the high dynamic we are currently experiencing, which makes one-week planning impossible. Consequently, business trips will only be possible as an exception requiring special justification and should be reduced to an absolute minimum. Staatsministerium für #Regionalentwicklung unterstützt mit 125…, Aufnahme in Deutsche Akademie der Technikwissenschaften: #TUChemnitz-Prof. Dr. Angelika C. Bullinger-Hoffmann als…, Packaktion für Weihnachten im Schuhkarton: Gemeinsam können wir mehr erreichen! 2 der Sächsischen Corona-Schutz-Verordnung, um Ordnungsmaßnahmen gemäß § 17 Abs. Important information regarding the IT infrastructure can be found on the blog of the URZ. In general, online formats are very welcome, as they can make it easier to reconcile the individual situation with studying. This involves around 500 courses. opening the university library, computer pools and laboratories to students, is excluded from the counting of deadlines for homework and final papers. The development of the current situation is very dynamic. , the following separate measures have been adopted for the period of the turn of the year 2020/2021: , the already communicated regulations for, Already on 23 December 2020, there will no longer be any on-site work at Chemnitz University of Technology. The absolutely necessary minimum operation is to be implemented and ensured independently by the deans, heads, and department heads in the respective areas (faculties, central institutions, departments, etc.). Der Grund: Die Uni rechnet nach den Weihnachtsfeiertagen und Silvester mit einem starken Anstieg an Corona-Infektionen. Employees who cannot or cannot fully (continue to) make use of mobile work may only return to their workplace – after consultation with their line manager – if they are absolutely required for the New Year's stand-by operation. It is also possible to book 2-hour time slots for equipment training. The deadlines of all works registered from 11 March onwards and before the end of stand-by operation are only counted from 11 May onwards. as well as in case the minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other persons is not reached. Trotzdem solle es in der ersten Januarwoche weiterhin digitale Lehrveranstaltungen und digitale Prüfungen geben, heißt es. After the end of the quarantine period (or a possible subsequent sick leave) and after the symptoms have subsided (typical cold and/or corona symptoms), the affected person contacts the Office for Occupational Safety and Environmental Protection (BfAU) to arrange a date for a test. During selectice and limited presence operation of Chemnitz University of Technology, the supervisor remains responsible for the approval of vacation and work time compensation as well as for changes to already approved vacation and work time compensation. A desk in the bedroom or living room does not make these rooms into a home office in the fiscal sense. If so, which information do they have to contain for approval and further processing? Therefore, please consider which parts of your lecture should be presented as video and which in other formats (for example text!). Violations of these regulations are regarded as administrative offences and will be punished with fines. 17 Dez. All members of the examination commission then send the original signatures to the Central Examination Office (ZPA) by (in-house) mail. website of the Human Resources Department, COVID-19 dashboard of the Robert Koch Institute. Mobile work, digital courses, and digital exams are completely unaffected by the regulations of the New Year's stand-by operation. You can also receive a certificate for this course: Media Center of the TU Dresden: E-Teaching Basics. Diese Konferenzen finden einmal am 01.12. zwischen 13 und 14 Uhr und am 03.12. zwischen 15 und 16 Uhr statt. How can I switch my lecture to video from a technical perspective? A recording option is available in both services and can be made available to students who are not present: The OPAL course element “Virtual Classroom” uses Adobe Connect and allows to conduct online conferences and webinars in one course. Parcel/mail reception: Parcel/mail reception will also be maintained for the period of the New Year's stand-by operation, as already regulated in the FAQ section on the corona virus. hygiene concepts of the organizers, companies, hotels etc. Will the semester ticket for public transport, which entitles you to travel by train within Saxony, for example, using your student ID, still be valid in the 2020 summer semester, even if it is currently not possible to update my TUC-Card? What do I have to do if I arrive from a risk area? Hochschule und Corona: ... Auch haben viele Hochschulen, darunter die Uni Bayreuth, die TU Chemnitz oder die Uni Freiburg, den Lehrbetrieb vorübergehend eingestellt. In principle, it is technically possible to conduct courses online. Approval by the crisis management team is not required. Note: A risk area is a state or region outside Germany for which there is an increased risk of infection with the corona virus. It is currently low in large parts of Germany, but can be high locally. Employees of the respective section who themselves take part in the study as participants (or test supervisors) are still included in the total number of employees working in the organisational section. The decision options are determined (e.g. Does the DFG grant extensions for current calls for proposals? web pages of the Central University Administration. However. Einige Spezialfälle und Fristen sind eventuell nicht mit abgedeckt. The deadlines for all papers registered before 11 March are automatically extended by 61 days (21 in March, 30 in April, 10 in May). The Robert Koch Institute also offers further information in an orientation guide for citizens. Teachers can use the ONYX tool to create tests to test students' knowledge on a topic covered in a course. may be conducted (partially) on-site. Das bedeutet, dass die in den Studienordnungen festgeschriebenen Fristen erst eine Woche nach Wiederbeginn des regulären Präsenzbetriebs weiterlaufen und nur der Zeitraum bis einschließlich 10. the transmission of all necessary audio and video data, in particular the picture of the candidate and of the examiners and assessors and the presentation of the candidate, is ensured in both directions in adequate quality without interruption during the defense. the Public Health Office of the City of Chemnitz (citizen hotline) at +49 371 488-5321 or +49 371 488-5302. Special leave already granted in accordance with § 14 Para. New: After December 1, 2020, by order of the Federal Ministry of Health, travelers from international risk areas are no longer entitled to a free test within 10 days after entry. The tax office recognises a home office in two cases: Spatial requirements: The voting manager determines whether the vote is to be secret or by name. Who will have access to the university buildings during, Will the IT services of Chemnitz University of Technology be maintained during, How is the parcel/mail acceptance and distribution within Chemnitz University of Technology handled during. We recommend that you test the chosen alternative in advance with, for example, student assistants, employees or advanced students. To keep a PowerPoint file small despite the use of images, click on an image in your presentation, select the ribbon “Image Tools → Format” and then select the button “Compress Images”. They are required to strictly follow the hygiene measures currently in place. With your office telephone you can also use conference calls and supervise several students as a group. Since 1 July 2020 these restrictions have also been lifted for some non-EU countries. In order to take advantage of the above-mentioned extension option for employees whose current employment relationship would end as a result of reaching the (previous) maximum fixed-term limit in accordance with § 2 para. The hygiene concept of Chemnitz University of Technology must be strictly adhered to. It is not necessary to register in advance, there may be waiting times. This applies regardless of whether the exam is offered in the 2020 summer semester or not. You can find more information on the contact page of the Student Service Point. Inside Higher Ed has published several articles on the question of how, in view of the corona situation, teaching can be switched to online quickly but without chaos: If the tools from OPAL or TU Chemnitz are not enough for you, you will find a comprehensive collection of further tools in a wiki of the University of Halle: University of Halle: Wiki tool collection. You will find a list of examples of examination forms under the next question in this FAQ. The explanation is too long for a FAQ however ;). For the provision of URZ services, however, delays may occur in some cases in the current situation. The basis for the reopening are the hygiene concept of Chemnitz University of Technology as well as the hygiene concept of the ZFG. 1 WissZeitVG in the period from October 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021, the maximum duration for a fixed-term employment is extended by six months. TU Chemnitz verschiebt Beginn des Vorlesungsbetriebs Nicht nur Veranstaltungen mit über 1.000 Besuchern werden abgesagt und verschoben. Use of the communication software Cisco Jabber. Building access for the period of the turn of the year 2020/2021: In addition, in order to enable a targeted control of the corresponding areas by the security guards during the period of closure, the Technical Building Management Unit of the, Department is also to be informed about ongoing long-term experiments. The disease caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) can cause similar symptoms to a cold or flu. Where can I find appropriate advice and tips? for the corona virus and is in officially ordered quarantine. For this purpose, the respective notifications of the responsible authority must be submitted. In case only your child is affected by a quarantine measure, there is always the possibility to apply for special leave according to § 12 Abs. is to be restricted to an absolute minimum – with the exception of security guards and the mail service. Do not forget to select the folder in which the file should be saved. Therefore, some buildings are closed for public or have limited opening hours. 20 Dez. The 7-day incidence per 100,000 inhabitants in Chemnitz is currently 325.6. Please contact Dr. Stefanie Müller (e-mail: stefanie.mueller@...). These lists are to be kept in the respective sections for a period of three weeks after the event and are to be kept in such a way that a prompt transmission to the university management for forwarding contact data to the health authorities upon request is possible. Das Sommersemester beginnt vielerorts auch später. In current funding periods, this usually does not require any action to be taken. If necessary, these can be obtained from the postal office at Straße der Nationen 62. … For further information please visit the URZ website. Keep the greatest possible distance when coughing or sneezing. Every person at Chemnitz University of Technology is obliged to wear a mouth-nose cover (mouth-nose mask) in buildings (but not outside) in case of possible personal contact (i. e. on all stairs, corridors, and in shared rooms etc.) via video conferencing without complications. When creating digital teaching and learning formats, you should also consider students with chronic illnesses, disabilities or in special situations, e.g. 6 TV-L or comparable collective labour agreements for a total of up to 10 working days. Since May 15, 2020, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., students will be given access to the foyer of the B-Building, Reichenhainer Straße 70 (“Turmbau”) for the purpose of updating their TUC-Card at the terminals. For this you need the same equipment that you use for video platforms: A computer with a good Internet connection and speakers or headphones. The above-mentioned regulations for students regarding the withdrawal of exams and the extension of deadlines for the submission of term papers and theses will continue to apply unchanged for the time being, even in selective and limited presence operation.