Should be extinguish'd there. She hath been sold to bondage. Willing for hire to bear one half the curse. Xenophon's Hellenica and Symposium (The Banquet). Which friendship's genial warmth had soon matur'd. The Titan's mighty breast and nervous frame. The weapons woman wields are not ignoble. Nor labour nor persuasion shall be spar'd. My blood shall mingle with the dashing waves. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. And watch'd her bitter tears with sad amaze! Thus to renounce the beauteous light of day! iphigenia in aulis ancient history encyclopedia. Draw near,—I come to herald their approach. His restless thoughts, Where first to him the radiant sun unclos'd. oh, gaze not so,—, 'Twas with such looks that Clytemnestra sought. Scarce see around the footsteps of our sires. And he referr'd to thee! Long as our father led his powers at Troy. To me hath fail'd no blessing sent from Heaven; I shield a guilty head, were hard indeed. The eldest,—he whom madness lately seiz'd, From Delphi, Phœbus sent them to this shore. business. Hasten, I pray, the promis'd aid of heav'n. So shall I die at least a peaceful death. Iphigenie App 2 / 29. The monarch's death. „Iphigenie“, verteilt auf „Iphigenie in Aulis“ von Euripides und Goethes „Iphigenie auf Tauris“. Courage and hope his glowing eye inspir'd; Of saving thee, his sister, and his friend. Some dreadful deed by him to be perform'd. Forth from his mother's blood her ghost arose, And to the ancient daughters of the night. To be the Thunderer's slave, he was too great: His crime was human, and their doom severe; Did from Jove's table hurl him headlong down. Sophocles' Œdipus Tyrannus, Electra, and Antigone. The daylight of their native land behold. Let none presume our silent march to follow! And, raising clouds of dust on every side. Remote from parents and from brethren dwells; Ere it doth reach his lip. euripides the online books page. Lest vainly pass the precious hours of safety. Passion, and youth's fiery blood, Which (for his soul is steadfast and unmov'd,). Where art thou, Pylades? With reverence and affection, Thoas came. Immer eingehalten werden konnte das nicht. for, lock'd within his breast. I felt myself restor'd. Translations see end of this volume. At length subside: then wherefore not the curse? And when at length. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. Ye bid me join your circle! Far as their sound extends, they bear the fame, Which fills Mycene's halls with ceaseless sighs, To thee a secret still?—And know'st thou not, The monarch's house thou honourest! Iphigenie Auf Tauris by Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832. When passion rages fiercely in her breast, No sacred tie withholds her from the wretch. I send them here,—thy duty not unknown. Base passion prompted, then, the deed of shame? Home » Euripides » The Iphigenia in Tauris of Euripides Online PDF eBook. hast thou from ruin'd Troy. Hath nature left the weak; she gives him craft. Am Atreus' grandchild, Agamemnon's child. Each, or good or bad. and is he still alive? An illustration of a magnifying glass. in style and price. .txt, .rst, .tei, .tex). Oh, would that thou, Couldst with like ease, divine one, shed on us. Him dost thou praise, who underrates his deeds? But to me. What hollow murmurs haunt its twilight gloom?—. utmost promptness, and we save our Strangers this shore appall'd; 'twas so ordain'd. Other articles where Iphigenie in Tauris is discussed: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: First Weimar period (1776–86): …manner, Iphigenie auf Tauris (Iphigenia in Tauris), which shows the healing process he attributed to the influence of Frau von Stein in the context of an emotionally charged brother-and-sister relationship and as a profound moral and theological reeducation. Within the circle step, ye fiends of hell. nor thus seek to cloak the savage force. Which had before each stranger's heart appall'd, For, till thy coming, none e'er trod our realm. And leave the monarch's presence undefil'd. Of mute submission? Downwards to wander to yon realm of shade. Remove thy circling arm! And let us steer our course with prudent zeal. Who to the gods ascribe a thirst for blood. O king, incline thine heart to thoughts of peace! With them thy goddess may once more resume. Learn more about Iphigenie auf Tauris in the Four County Library System digital collection. A friendly tone, seem'd reconcil'd, appeas'd. Literaturliste . What is it that obstructs the king's commands? In richest measure heard thy gentle prayer? Stranger, speak! And taught my spirit, like the hallow'd flame, To your pure mansions,—but at length to feel. And horrible their song. It was founded in 1971 by Michael S. Hart and is the oldest digital library. Because blocks are applied momentarily, you should try again later to visit if Maxmind shows your address as being outside of Germany. Upbraid not thus, O king, our feeble sex! Doth with increasing anguish move my heart. And then this scar, which doth his eyebrow cleave. In early youth, when first my soul, in love. Cast in a kindred mould. By rous'd opponents or his foemen's steeds, Through woods and dreary wilds, to scour the land. For advanced users, you can make a Pull Request on Github. wherefore thus confus'd? Then may I claim thee by more laws than one. Who, like a heavenly vision, meets me thus? The kindness shown the wicked is not blest. Is there no power within my spirit's depths? Perform what they command, and wait the event. Whose hateful presence ever dogs our steps, I can with ease relate. The Titan's son. He speaks not of my father, doth not name. The gods avert the doom that threatens you! And what reward receiv'd the base accomplice? They lur'd me with my mother to the camp. Rich in guile. See other Acquaint thee, priestess, with the king's reply. Thou seem'st to linger here against thy will; Contrive some means of flight, and leave me here: My lifeless corpse hurl'd headlong from the rock. Then go! Around me lay, to raise me from the earth, And rock my spirit in the same sweet sleep. Of a time more fair. An unrelenting curse. Thou'rt silent? Two strangers, whom in caverns of the shore, We found conceal'd, and whose arrival here. I bring yet more,—for Fortune, like a prince. See how my heart, which hath been clos'd so long, The dearest treasure that the world contains,—, Within my longing arms, which have till now. For this unlook'd-for answer not prepar'd. Speak but the word, and it is wrapt in flames. Dictionaries, and other Specialties for Give yet another! Iphigenie auf Tauris idealtypisch eingehalten: Das Schauspiel erstreckt sich in etwa über den gleichen 5uck (s. B Anm. Euripides' title means "Iphigenia among the Taurians", whereas Goethe's title means "Iphigenia in Taurica", the country of the Tauri. That those in power should never be provok'd. Me through their own decree they have o'erwhelm'd. Alas, and his whole race their hate pursues. Most of the items in its collection are the full texts of public domain books. I perceive, With tidings fraught with such unlook'd-for woe, Art thou the daughter of a friend? So shall the wind more gently swell our sails, And from our eyes with soften'd anguish flow. 0. [While speaking the last words, he approaches Were comfort, aid, and glad return prepar'd. Das Drama "Iphigenie auf Tauris" hat Goethe 1787 veröffentlicht.Darin geht es um den idealen Menschen und die Frage, ob man seinem Schicksal entgehen kann, wenn man es wirklich will. Whence art thou? Awaits the outcast, exil'd from his home. Ye Gods, remove, From his fix'd eye delusion, lest this hour. His mother fell!—Appear, indignant shade! Dost thou not feel thy sister and thy friend. Which seem as they would lead to blackest night, Whether the gods may not perchance present. customers the delay and uncertainty of But to this savage shore the Delphian god, Hath sent us, cheer'd by hope, commanding us. But thou, Orestes, to the gods give thanks. the project gutenberg ebook of iphigenia in tauris by. Fell through his consort's guilt,—she by her son; Doth now repose. the promptings of thy heart obey; Despise the voice of reason and good counsel. internet archive. The insatiate vengeance that possess'd his soul. Forerunner of despair, will be thy portion. That, like a plague-infected wretch, I bear. That from the ashes of the extinguish'd hearth, Thy hand from golden censers first shall strew, The fragrant incense. With words of truth and power assails her ear. The favouring gale, which swells our parting sail. Dost to the stranger grant a safe return? iphigenie auf tauris textausgabe by johann wolfgang von. If I conceal'd, O king, my name, my race. Iphigenie Thoas, König der Taurier Orest Pylades Arkas. Trust me, priestess. Ein Schauspiel. the Temple, without perceiving that he is not To pierce my bosom, throbbing with warm life; My eyes grew dim;—I found myself in safety. iphigénie book 1896 worldcat. From which of our illustrious races, say, A priestess, by the Goddess' self ordain'd. mich trennt das Meer von den Geliebten, Und an dem Ufer steh ich lange Tage, Das Land der Griechen mit der Seele suc… I question'd them, each circumstance explor'd. Brought hither, and now stand for sacrifice. Hinweise. By what a true and honest tongue hath spoken! Dieser Artikel enthält eine „Übersetzung” des ersten Aufzugs von Iphigenie auf Tauris in modernes Deutsch. Glauben an die Möglichkeit menschlicher Autonomie. Iphigenie. And with submission, meet the royal wish. Thy bounty, not the guest, draws blessings down. Alles Wichtige aus Politik, Wirtschaft, Sport, Kultur, Wissenschaft, Technik und mehr. I should be free to go. Einleitung. Through my heart. Their comrades in the vessel lie conceal'd, With artful answers, should the monarch send, I have not learn'd deception, nor the art. teachers and students. How much more mine! drawn swords. Forgive me! Who to thine altar led his darling child. Thou shalt not perish! Beginn'st thou now to tremble and to doubt? the project gutenberg ebook of iphigenia in tauris by. I may behold him! My brother, long implor'd,—release us both. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Project Gutenberg is a project to collect and archive public domain texts and is the source of this book. 4 COOPER INSTITUTE, NEW YORK CITY. Her fame is widely spread, and it is thought. EinFach Deutsch. Obey thine office, priestess, not the king. ARTHUR HINDS & CO., Who cheer'd the gloomy temper of the king? To work their pleasure. Shall the man. Thou couldst not shroud him from his wakeful foes; And e'en thy sacred presence, heavenly maid. iphigenie nypl digital collections. And all their joys commence beyond the grave. And findest here a sister in the priestess. Me hast thou summon'd? German. The Internet Classics Archive Iphigenia At Aulis By. Lesen Sie unbegrenzt * Bücher und Hörbücher im Internet, mit iPad, iPhone und Android. In friendly converse, while behind us lay. or born. But burdens here are lighter far to bear. Which gemm'd in countless throngs the vault of night. They gather round to view the stranger guest! Pause not in thy narrative! Iphigenie auf Tauris by Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832 is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. Recovering from his swoon and standing up. At length Fulfilment, fairest child of Jove, How vast thine image! As with themselves. Childless and guiltless come below with me! Iphigenie auf Tauris (German) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 64 downloads Der Tor und der Tod (German) Hugo von Hofmannsthal 59 downloads Hamlet, Prinz von Dännemark (German) William Shakespeare 57 downloads Open Library. And should I quit this consecrated grove. Project Gutenberg's Iphigenia in Tauris, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Have shed before the shrine the stranger's blood, She won my heart through flattery; and now, That I oppose her, seeks to gain her ends, By fraud and cunning, and my kindness deems. Redemption to the blood-stain'd matricide. Denn ach! With ease thou canst thy sacred task fulfil: In human form from heaven, so quickly gain. These are the gifts she offers to the gods. And round her husband flung the web of death. The simple gladness of life's early dawn; And life's fresh joyance bloom'd in me no more. iphigenia in tauris summary enotes. That they have done so much through thee already. Of noble mind, who loves his honest name. Consider not: act as thy feelings prompt thee. Thy life or death. What say'st thou? How dear the counsel of a present friend, Lacking whose godlike power, the lonely one. If to this cruel deed thy heart is steel'd, Thou shouldst not come! Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Iphigenie auf Tauris - bei Gutenberg-DE; Unterrichtsmodelle . - GITenberg/Iphigenie-auf-Tauris_2054 With the same shudd'ring feeling forth I step. These, monarch, are thy priestess' ancestors. the sacred right of guests, Shall we be sever'd. The king hath sent me hither, and commands, Tauris her goddess thanks. Through thee, the daylight gladdens me anew. Call thyself useless! What thou wouldst shun, thou deem'st impossible. The Project Gutenberg Ebook Of Iphigenia In Tauris By. Alas! nicht abrufbar) Iphigenie auf Tauris im Projekt Gutenberg-DE; Iphigenie auf Tauris bei Whate'er their doom for thee and for thy house, Since thou hast dwelt amongst us, and enjoy'd. The danger's near approach that threatens us. E'en now 'tis not too late to change thy mind. Fifty-five volumes are now ready in this popular series, uniform in them I see myself. A word momentous calmly hast thou spoken. The project tries to make these as free as possible, in long-lasting, open formats that can be used on almost any computer. Euripides' Iphigenia In Aulis, In Tauris. That here the horrid crime I first announc'd. Alone condemns these men to bitter death. Occupy Wall Street TV NSA Clip Library. As doth the flower revolve to meet the sun. Orestes, fondly lov'd,—canst thou not hear me? Doth not triumphant conquest proudly soar? The weapon raise, spare not, this bosom rend. It is the path of death that now we tread: He seem'd, with hope-inspiring, godlike words. Imparts the first, the sweetest joy of life. And headlong rush'd uncheck'd. There is a message I would gladly bear him: Thou didst not heed thy faithful friend's advice. Nor promise what he hopes will ne'er be claim'd. Stamps thee of Grecian, not of Scythian race. Whom great Diana from the altar snatch'd. Our exceptional facilities enable us to Cries,—"Let him not escape,—the matricide! To meet that sorrow, which in every clime. Thou, from whose being o'er a thousand hearts, To whom a god consign'd thee, thou dost prove. One quiet word from thee! No, no! Impart thy gifts; among yon rocks he roves; Go seek him, guide him hence, and heed not me. Pylades. Receive him, oh, receive him in your circle! I trembling kneel'd before the altar once. Now when each passage to escape seems clos'd. Possess me with the reason, that with speed, The elder of these men doth bear the guilt, The dread Eumenides. And is revenge extinguish'd with the sun? What may this mean? Must thou abandon? to the success of our efforts in this How easy 'tis for me, whose heart is crush'd. As dragons, gender'd in the sulphur pool. In friendly converse glides Thyestes' shade. These men, methinks, lie very near thy heart. Calmly ye hear our prayers. Held father, mother, brethren fondly twin'd. The fortune of this royal house, it seems, She must herself have known the monarch well;—. And either sex, yet are their godlike forms. Die Übersetzung wurde — so gut es ging — Vers für Vers durchgeführt, sodass die einzelnen Verse jeweils in Goethe-Deutsch und in modernem Deutsch ungefährlich den gleichen Sinn haben sollten. Sprung from another union. Would in no country be deem'd just or right. What silent purpose broods within thy soul? On those heroic forms. iphigenia in aulis. 'Tis not a god, 'tis thine own heart that speaks. Whose sense is deaden'd by a hand divine. Librivox. We can present no better testimony as Learn more. Thyself a virgin, thou'lt a virgin shield. Then only doth the heart know perfect ease, Pure hast thou kept thy heart. Iphigenie auf Tauris by Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832 is a Project Gutenberg book, now on Github. So wonderful, Are so involv'd and complicate, that none. To lead them, with their booty, safely home. Brothers and sisters, leagu'd in pastime sweet. I see the king approach; Thou honour'st him, and thy own heart will prompt thee. How I need thine aid. Imparting conquest, wealth, and high renown. In accents low doth fondly breathe my name. Die Übersetzung wurde — so gut es ging — Vers für Vers durchgeführt, sodass die einzelnen Verse jeweils in Goethe-Deutsch und in modernem Deutsch ungefährlich den gleichen Sinn haben sollten. You signed in with another tab or window. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. Nor are we call'd upon to judge ourselves; Or his past conduct or his present deeds. Who slaughter'd, as he thought, his brother's son. Project Gutenberg Presents Iphigenie auf Tauris (in German) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. And from those lips which breathe such welcome news. Our journey here commanding, like a veil. Within thine arms. As my successor. The signal is that still thou tarriest here. wherefore art thou here? Nor hate, nor vengeance, whets the poignard now. Be quite the woman, sway'd by each desire. A tangl'd garment, complicate with folds. Drives them aside, but scares them not away. Completely dried the life-blood in thy veins? How! With gentle arrow send her quickly hither. For more information and how to get involved see the CONTRIBUTING section of the GITenberg website. the contrasts of construction. What ye sow'd, that hath he reap'd. Was lur'd to snatch the eager joys of youth. Chance, which from mortals will not brook control. A golden fleece, good steeds, or daughters fair; But force and guile not always have avail'd. Their purpose, as thou didst thyself confess. A kind salute on earth was murder's watchword. 83. Iphigenie Auf Tauris Abebooks. At thy blest touch. On golden clouds reclin'd, the mountains crown. It doth not banish thence my strong repugnance. And bloody service long have been disused; Nay, many, whom their adverse fortunes cast, In foreign regions, there themselves have felt. I see no peace. To his heroic breast, with brazen chains. The certain comfort thou dost promise me. E'en so a stream of joy o'erwhelm'd my soul. Scarce was my brother in my circling arms. On whose experienc'd words, with wisdom fraught, But gods should not hold intercourse with men. This voice no doubt the priestess hears alone. Brother, command thyself, and better know, Thy new-found sister, nor misconstrue thus, Her pure and heav'nly joy. -- Schauplatz: Hain vor Dianens Tempel Erster Aufzug. Es spielt einige Jahre nach dem Krieg um Troja auf Tauris (Insel Krim) im Hain vor dem Tempel der Diana, Göttin des Mondes und der… Hence is it that my bleeding heart ne'er heals. Michael Fuchs, Unterrichtsmodell "Iphigenie auf Tauris". nach Menschlichkeit auch in unserer Gegenwart hell erstrahlen. Scruples too rigid are a cloak for pride. Unhand thy weapon, king! Oh let thy vessels bear me thither, king! Of these two strangers. In my breast. And cast it round thee, who, secluded long. When we like children sue for greater speed. comparison of both the similarities and Would that I might hear. facile and lucid re-arrangement of the context Du liebst Diane, deinen holden Bruder Vor allem, was dir Erd und Himmel bietet Und wendest dein jungfräulich Angesicht Nach seinem ew'gen Lichte sehnend still. The traitors have contriv'd a cunning web. Then go with speed, and strictly search the shore. Iphigenie: Geschwister, die ihr an dem weiten Himmel Das schöne Licht bei Tag und Nacht herauf Den Menschen bringet und den Abgeschiednen Nicht leuchten dürfet, rettet uns Geschwister! Erster Auftritt. Which every faithful host may justly claim. But to my sighs, the hollow-sounding waves. Call thee to hell, may not a sister's word. My sister, let me for the first time taste. ARTHUR HINDS & CO. Then is it their decree which doth destroy us. True, he speaks not of thee. The wreath of conquest round his dying brow—, Than in a nook obscure, where kindred hands. Every repository in GITenberg contains a number of standard files, including a license text, a metadata file, and this readme file. Oh she is here, thine own, thy long-lost sister. His counsel I implor'd. Let none annoy the foe while we confer. And Ign Maps Gr65 Camino De Santiago Forum. Too great thine offer, king, to one unknown; Who on this shore sought only what thou gav'st. Although advanc'd in years, oppose the foe. Quick counsel and resolve the time demands. Learn more about Iphigenie auf Tauris in the Citrus County Library System digital collection. Aught could exculpate murder, it were this. When in each sparkling drop which gems the leaves. Cunning and force, the proudest boast of man. In dread silence rules. Preserv'd his wife, Electra, and his son. Which, to avenge the fairest woman's wrongs, Round Ilion's walls encamp'd. She o'er his shoulders flung and noble head; And when, as from a net, he vainly strove. Yes, thou shalt know me. Would I had seiz'd the border of his robe. Still with new life thy merry gambols play. Some books also contain generated ebooks, html versions, and images/figures from the text as image files. And are ye, godlike forms, reduc'd to dust! House, which firm retires from Occasionally, the website mis-applies a block from a previous visitor. He who is used. With his own flesh, a sadness seiz'd his soul; He for his children ask'd,—their steps, their voice, Threw in the members of the slaughter'd boys.—. Do not delay! Glide vainly by with triple sorrow fraught! Be tranquil! That she with us may perish, nor her life, 'Tis well,—I follow, priestess! In addition, the program booklet for the performance is included in the lot. Whose crystal waters from Parnassus flow. I will return, and, hid within the brake. It seems thou art not used to suffer much. And this, 'tis said. Oh, bless, ye heavenly powers, our Pylades. I will not judge the counsel of the gods; Man rules alike at home and in the field. Schluss. Where dwells the god, waft us, propitious gales! Shaking their serpent locks, they would arise. Though thou shouldst. Sister, welcome. A noble man, who much hath sinn'd, some god. Salutes you. Is law supreme, to which the gods themselves, Must yield submission. One step is ta'en already: from our guards, A strange and godlike woman now restrains. Yes, thou wilt keep thy promise; thou didst swear. And every project that his mind may form! Must gentle woman quite forego her nature,—. Honour'd and belov'd, Should e'en the meanest peasant of thy land, Bring to my ear the tones I heard from thee. For mine own sake I ne'er desired it from thee. How! Nor you, nor I, should view the light of day. 5. The half-nipp'd, tender flow'ret gently rear'd; While thou a friend and playmate always gay. publishers, express companies, etc. Just as the people's breath may chance to raise him. E'en though thy words had banish'd every doubt. That thou, who over numbers rul'st supreme. And thou art ours once more. Dares Clytemnestra reach her hand to thee; Behold your son, and bid him welcome here. But nor then nor now, Have I been taught compliance with the voice. The counsel of the Goddess now shines forth, Protectress of our house, and guarded here. For the self-teaching He rewrote it in 1781, again in prose, … Conscious of right, thou shouldst respect thyself. His dearest treasures?—then at length restore. Say, then thy woes began, and thou speak'st truly. the mighty gods, with ruthless hate. iphigenia at aulis play by euripides britannica. I haste to re-assure our friends. From which an ancient curse had banish'd them. 'Tis doubt which good doth oft to evil turn. A king who meditates. 33 5. Diana stay'd their progress, and requir'd. superiority is readily apparent of the, over other translations. Das klassizistische Menschenideal Goethes lässt die Frage . ‎Heraus in eure Schatten, rege Wipfel Des alten, heil'gen, dichtbelaubten Haines, Wie in der Göttin stilles Heiligthum Tret' ich noch jetzt mit schauderndem Gefühl, Als wenn ich sie zum erstenmal beträte, Und es gewöhnt sich nicht mein Geist hierher. And listen to the priestess, to the sister. With vague forebodings, bear life's heavy load. What my own heart acknowledg'd to be right. Hintergrundinformationen zum Drama sowie Goethe und seiner Zeit auf dem Goethezeitportal. 'Tis not for us, on reason's shifting grounds. Iphigenie auf Tauris als kostenloses und gemeinfreies Hörbuch bei LibriVox; Iphigenie auf Tauris… Of thieves and robbers? Sunday, September 17, 2017 Euripides. Or crown'd with honour or unstain'd by crime. May round the columns twine the fairest wreath. With rash precipitancy plung'd my friends. Prayer, lovely prayer, fair branch in woman's hand, Thou dost thrust back. Whom with a word untrue I must encounter! And all before us lay the wide, wide world. 'Tis rumour'd that the ship which brought them here. First against her, whom I esteem'd so pure; Then 'gainst myself, whose foolish lenity, Hath fashion'd her for treason. Dieser Artikel enthält eine „Übersetzung” des dritten Aufzugs von Iphigenie auf Tauris in modernes Deutsch. Yet dissipate at length man's dread suspense. So manches Jahr bewahrt mich hier verborgen Ein hoher Wille, dem ich mich ergebe; Doch immer bin ich, wie im ersten, fremd. Additional formats may also be available from the main Gutenberg site. Not only in the saving of time, but also Extend his empire, or protect its bounds. Iphigenie App And Ign Maps Gr65 Camino De Santiago Forum. Find out more at their website. What deeds, though oft narrated, still uplift. Publication date 2000 Topics Authors: G: Goethe, Johann Wolfgang von, 1749-1832, Titles: I, Literature Collection gutenberg Contributor Project Gutenberg. Geschlosse­ nes Drama und die drei Einheiten. Planted such deep abhorrence in her heart. Perchance they are surpris'd? One fear doth chase another; perhaps with rage. For advertisement of new series of Interlinear Submission, when of freedom quite depriv'd. It vanish'd then, the fairest charm of youth. The gods are wont to save by human means. followed by Iphigenia: at length he turns round.]. Thee, for this deed, the heav'nly pair will view, With gracious eye, and from the hateful grasp. Of my rude sires, and had their holy rage. With the predestin'd purpose of the gods. Tell me who they are. Bring, save their own hoarse murmurs, no reply. With truth could utter what would please his ear. Quellen und Kontexte 5. And our return hangs on a slender thread. Too late my faithful counsel shalt recall. For ever spouting from a mother's wounds, Thou dost increase the evil, and dost take, Let me contrive,—be still! The joy and concord of our youthful sports. Back to thy kindred, I renounce my claims: But is thy homeward path for ever clos'd—. The goddess for reflection grants thee time. Learn it from him. be he king or subject, he's most blest. What call we great? Sweet incense. How had the monarch injured Clytemnestra? Iphigenie auf Tauris Ein Schauspiel by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe January, 2000 [Etext #2054] Project Gutenberg Etext Iphigenie auf Tauris, Johann von Goethe ****This file should be named iphgn107.txt or***** Corrected EDITIONS of our etexts get a new NUMBER, iphgn117.txt This Project Gutenberg Etext was prepared by Michael Pullen Come. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg's Iphigenia in Tauris, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Thou wouldst to me and mine new life impart. To Jove's own table, place thee with the gods. My soul still seeking for the land of Greece. At his first meal before the unconscious sire. And succour to thy priestess gladly yield. Ye only know what things are good for us; Ye view the future's wide-extended realm; The prospect shrouds. Benign and friendly was this shore to thee. Thy younger brother told the mournful tale. To shield from dire calamity his friends. Ceaseless revolves. This savage region foul with human blood. Suffers the godlike man? Will bear these tidings to the camp, and soon. Free is Orestes, from the curse absolv'd! Die „Übersetzung” des 1.Aufzugs des Originaltexts von Iphigenie auf Tauris in verständlicheres Deutsch kann hier (Teil 1) und hier (Teil 2) gefunden wurde.. 2. And consecrated too, doth speak with thee. idioms, a quick insight into the sense, a librivox. Without thy blessing, or in anger from thee. And thus from treachery redeem'd my soul. Speak openly, thou know'st I keep my word. Their comrades, dire Remorse and pallid Fear; The grisly band, commissioned to destroy. The breast like words of truth: it comforts not, Flies back and wounds the archer. A quick'ning odour from the earth ascends. A close alliance,—they are constant friends. Your doom is hopeless; for, with murd'rous hand.