News and bulletins about Uni Freiburg for analytics, chemistry, lab technology, chemical engineering, process engineering, updated daily and relevant to the sector, can be found on this page. May 22, 2019: This was a major reason why Benjamin Merkt decided to write a doctoral thesis. more information on the topic or Dr. Fallon. As it is expected that the majority of the global population will be living in cities in near future, Sustainable cities is an SDG. +49-(0)761/203 3678 Fax +49-(0)761/203 3781 The English version of the Corona Regulation is available here. October 09, 2019: Neurons are not randomly arranged in the human brain. When? In a case study published today in Nature Communications, researchers from the University of Freiburg, Imperial College London, the University Hospital of Lausanne, and EPFL have for the first time examined the motor skills and sensorimotor brain areas in people with polydactyly. Thursday, January 30, Annette Green, Vice president DACH, at SAS Heidelberg, will give a talk about "Transform a World of Data into a World of Intelligence". He has just signed his work contract with a company for industrial image processing. We have updated the Application & Admissions guidelines and video accordingly.Â. This winter term, the FRIAS is hosting a virtual Lunch Lecture Series onMultidisciplinary Research on Resilience: Examples from Theory and Practice. info-umwelt[at] *Consultation Hours: Tuesday 10:00 am - 12:00 am Thursday10:00 am - 12:00 am Room 02 046, 2.floor * currently not offered! University of Freiburg, ZEE and "Working Group Sustainable University of Freiburg" successfully took part in the ECOfit Freiburg project. The jury will announce the prize winners of 2020 at the end of October: So, we can hopefully expect more showings and general awareness! For ethical and technical reasons, this is difficult to test in patients and the few existing studies disagree. Uhlandstr. Today the LAS application period starts. Physiology I Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos Tel. Dr. Götte succeeds in building a bridge between philosophy, theology and the natural sciences, and enriches the bioethical debate. The University of Freiburg was selected as one of 17 ELLIS centers of excellence in machine learning in Europe. Hans-Joachim Gehrke, Environmental and Sustainability Sciences, Environmental and Sustainability Science (ESS), current Corona Regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg, four-sides model of communication by Prof. Friedmann Schulz von Thun, 2019/2020 re:constitution– Exchange and Analysis on Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe Fellowship, more information, a program, and registration, Transform a World of Data into a World of Intelligence, 9:30-10:15 am CET (Central European Time). Sustainable Entrepreneurship and many more. 1:00 pm: Talk live to LAS students Current LAS students will introduce you to LAS from their perspective and inform you about student life, student activities and committees at UCF, and answer all your questions. Two exemplary amendments are the introduction of a 2 ECTS module Advanced Academic Skills in the LAS Core and the change in title of the Major Earth and Environmental Sciences to Environmental and Sustainability Sciences: University of Freiburg: For information on the coronavirus and relevant policies and measures, please see the University website (updated constantly). In this video, Rector Hans-Jochen Schiewer explains what the coming summer semester will look like. Founded in 1457, the University of Freiburg is one of the oldest German universities and now one of the nation’s leading research and teaching institutions. The University of Freiburg was selected as one of 17 ELLIS centers of excellence in machine learning in Europe. "The book is funny, child-friendly, instructive - and the pictures of Mrs. Molleson are lovely! The suggestions were continuously coordinated with the LAS examination office and with the University's legal and quality management departments. For more information and contacts, please see the FRIAS web page. UCF's Dr. Stoyan Panov has been awarded the 2019/2020 re:constitution– Exchange and Analysis on Democracy and the Rule of Law in Europe Fellowship. If you scroll down, you can download an English version. As part of the course, participants organize an interdisciplinary academic conference at which the students present and discuss their proposals before embarking on their B.A. The joint talk by international relations experts Dr. Rumena Filipova and Dr. Stoyan Panov will focus on the situation of media freedom in Europe during the pandemic state of emergency. August 20, 2020: Neuroscientists demonstrate how to improve communication between different regions of the brain. 4 D-79106 Freiburg (Tel: +49 761 / 203-3608*) *currently no phone advices possible. 2 little video turorials to make it easier to find your way round the platform. News Prize for best doctoral dissertation for Melika Sarem The Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy has awarded Arthur-Lüttringhaus Prize for the best doctoral dissertation to Melika Sarem, who completed her PhD in Prof. V. Prasad Shastri laboratory at Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry. Contact: GRK 2044 Physikalisches Institut Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Hermann-Herder-Str. It is mainly all about money! Financing. I want to publish Schulz as a hardcover book, and am these days looking for a publisher. Doctoral Studies at the University of Freiburg. Kontakt Professur für Waldbau / Chair of Silviculture Tennenbacherstr. Will it ever be possible to untangle the mind-boggling chatter among neurons that experimenters record in such networks with their highly sophisticated methods? The course topics are: VirtualLAS is a further teaching project that extends the Freiburg LAS Programm internationally and virtually! However, they could be stronger if they would have more budget than a midsize hospital. Prof. Kerstin Krieglstein, Rektorin der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, verleiht am Nachmittag des 4. Schulz is a story about the misunderstandings we all know – adults and children alike – and how we can communicate more responsibly with others. Join us for a full overview of the LAS program, the people involved, a series of Q&A sessions, and much more: The new LAS study and examination regulations (Studien- und Prüfungsordnung; StuPO) will take effect as of October 2020. Chair: Daniela Kleinschmit (University of Freiburg, Germany) Co-Chair: Sylvia Kruse (University of Freiburg, Germany) The panel is part of the section Environmental Politics at the ECPR 2020 General Conference. Two first prize winners of the Bernstein-CorTec Award. May 08, 2019: Perfect timing for Michael Kordovan – after his excellent doctorate, the young scientist is now taking the step which he had originally planned to take after his diploma studies. Prior registration is necessary to enter the meeting and can be done here. Their findings have now been published in the journal Network Neuroscience. 7 79104 Freiburg Germany How to find us . Please join us! Fon Sing, a LAS graduate with a focus on EES, examines in his work the ambivalence in society's perception of nuclear radiation and derives a concrete project in the field of Citizen Science: the construction of a robot for radiation detection. Recently, the Badische Zeitung interviewed Rosa-Lena Lange about the film's production, content, and intention; the interview is available here. Wednesday, December 2nd, at 6.30 pm. In case of questions, please contact: Their findings have now been published in the open access online journal eLife. May 31, 2019: Networks of biological neurons can be spontaneously active. The EPICUR forum is open to students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff from universities as well as local and European stakeholders. After its publication in German in 2017, volume 6 has now been translated and published by Harvard University Press: "Making Civilizations. Radio Românesc The LAS 4th year course "Research Design Across Disciplines" (RDAD) prepares students for Bachelor thesis research. We wish everybody peaceful and inspiring holidays as well as a great start into the New Year 2020! The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership CREATES is pleased to invite you to the one-day conference for university teachers: Co-creative Learning in Higher Education: the CREATES Toolkit for Teachers. Take part in our #EpicurErasmusChallenge on Instagram. Virtual Teaching Collaboration LAS – EPICUR – VirtualLAS . The connectivity between neurons is a key factor regulating the generation and propagation of such spontaneous activity but the exact mechanisms are not known and difficult to access in vivo. Those who could not make it to Freiburg followed us via Livestream. September 12, 2019: Alongside the neuroscientific network Neurex, as coordinator, and LabEx Medalis from the University of Strasbourg, the Bernstein Center Freiburg was able to win over the jury during the latest call of the EU-Interreg V program Oberrhein 2014-2020. April 16, 2019: This is what Mohammadreza Mohagheghi Nejad thinks overall about his time as a PhD student in Freiburg. Here are some impressions: How to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? : +49 (0)761 203-8863 Fax: +49 (0)761 203-9665 Postadresse: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg ), the Global Affairs in Dialogue Committee (formerly known as the Global Order Project) will hold a panel discussion on European democracy promotion. Using the example of a computer simulated network model of layered visual cortex, they are able to show, among other things, how feature selectivity and tuning curves of nerve cells in different layers emerge as a result of system-wide processing. 4 D 79085 Freiburg. Our traditional Opening Celebration was moved from the Peterhofkeller to the Internet and, surprise, it was a fabulous party with music, costumes, welcome speeches, and that LAS spirit already visible in our 2020 LAS cohort! We congratulate Prof. Achim Gehrke warmly on this honorable appointment! For events and news at the University Freiburg, please see here. leads a distinguished group of historians in analyzing prehistory, the earliest human settlements, and the rise of the world’s first advanced civilizations". Join us at UCF for two information and Q&A sessions, hosted by Dr. Ursula Glunk and Paul Sterzel and with current LAS students. 3 79104 Freiburg, Germany +49 761 203 97 666 The local showing of the documentary this evening is, unfortunately, already booked out. We will send the participants a link via e-mail to get into the virtual conference a few hours before it starts. The slides from the LAS Information and Q&A sessions are available here (2.1 MB). Wolfram Burgard will be heading the Freiburg group. For this year's LAS Welcome Week, we invited all new students to our opening session in the Aula of the university (and under physically distanced conditions). For subscription, please send an E-mail to If you would like to unsubscribe, please send an E-mail to News Article published in Journal of neuroscience methods Oct 18, 2019 Neumo prize in online BCI competition for TNTL team using deep learning methods Oct 16, 2018 The EU will support the new "Interneuron" project for a period of three years with almost one million Euro from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). No doubt – this year's restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic gave us a hard time also in organizing our two major LAS autumn events: the 2020 Graduation Ceremony and Welcome Week. He examines whether the irreversible failure of brain functions is a valid and well-founded criterion for determining the death of a human being. Physiology II Prof. Dr. Bernd Fakler Tel. General information on the coronavirus in English: More information is available in the webinar flyer (7mb). Their work has now been published in eNeuro. This appeared to be a central theme on our visit to the UN Environmental Program (UNEP), World Health Organization (WHO) and World Trade Organization (WTO). Chair of Economic Theory. Be EPICURious! Jeremy Fon Sing received the award for his Bachelorthesis "Nuclear Radiation Detector, Robot Design and its Social Impact". Under the topic “European democracy promotion – risks and opportunities” experts Prof. Dr. Tanja A. Börzel, Dr. Anna Khakee, and Dr. Marika Lerch will share their individual expertise with us, engage in discussion and answer our questions.Â. Prof. Kerstin Krieglstein, Rector of the University of Freiburg, presents the first edition of the newly established Bernstein-CorTec Prize for Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnology to two young researchers, Júlia Gallinaro and Katharina Heining, in the afternoon of November 4, for Corona-reasons in virtual format. The European Perspective on Media Freedom in the COVID (State of) Emergency". Please notify chair and co-chair of your submission. For prospective LAS students, we would like to announce the following key dates for 2020: Every year UCF opens its doors for prospective students. But as we managed the ozone depletion, we may be able to manage living on one planet Earth also in future. Perspektiven zur Bildung an der Alten Uni" is devided into three parts: AU-f in die Vergangenheit: with an interactive AU-dioguide, AU-f in die Gegenwart: with snapshots of (student) life at Alte Uni, AU-f in die Zukunft: with interviews and surveys to participate. More photos and info here. News Tutorial - Retake Exam Statistics Nov 16, 2020 Seminar Applications Winter Term 2020/21 Sep 23, 2020 Post-Exam Review "Futures and Options" Sep 10, 2020 Post-Exam Review "Principles of Finance" and "Interest Rate Theory" Sep 08, 2020 Grades Retake Exam in Futures and Options Aug 24, 2020 « December 2020 » Platz der Alten Synagoge. The WTO was established to regulate trade over the boarders more transparently and non-discriminating by still keeping exemptions for environmental and health issues. The work combines physics, applied technology and social sciences and is of high social relevance. Here you can find more information. Until August 20, prospective students can now apply online for LAS at UCF. On July 15, from 2pm-4.30pm (CEST), the EPICUR Student Board is hosting a webinar for interested students from all eight partner universities.Â. News @ Polymer Synthesis Group. For further reading, please see central research publications co-authored by Katherine Richardson: After a successful first panel discussion of the event series "Europe as a Normative Power", the Global Affairs in Dialogue warmly invite you to their next discussion on the "EU and the People's Republic – an Uncertain Future". Tel. The “Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst” (DAAD) has selected the MEG program as a development-related postgraduate course and is offering scholarships to young professionals from developing countries with an academic degree far above average and with at least two years of relevant professional experience at the time of application. This page provides links to press information about people at the University of Freiburg, including news about honors, awards, nominations, and appointments. Researchers from the Bernstein Center Freiburg investigated the origin of spontaneous activity generation in networks of cultured cortical neurons. Quelle: News — MSc Environmental Governance Programme ( Dec 15, 2020) ( Dec 15, 2020) theses. VirtualLAS is a UCF teaching project, funded by the DAAD International Virtual Academic Collaboration. or B.Sc. IRTG 2079 / Cold Controlled Ensembles in Physics and Chemistry. State of Baden-Württemberg: Here you can find the current Corona Regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg. Using biomechanical experiments and virtual Venus flytraps a team from Freiburg Botanical Garden and the University of Stuttgart has analyzed in detail how the lobes of the trap move. He talked with the Bernstein Center Freiburg about this. Now he is among those who have successfully completed their dissertation and is pleased that everything turned out so well. D-79085 Freiburg The program includes a welcome by Michel Deneken, President of EPICUR, University of Strasbourg, general presentations about EPICUR, and, most importantly, break-out sessions on: The overarching aim is to inform students about EPICUR and to engage them in shaping this European University alliance. Kontakt Tel. It includes panel sessions on "Advocacy", "Critical Discourses on Sex & Gender", "Improving Human-Environment Interactions", or "At the Edge of Legality" as well as a Poster Session on "Agriculture, Land & Mental Health. The film focusses on two Namibian activists engaged in improving access to menstrual products and women's rights. When he goes to relax in the forest, he meets a magical creature called Schulz, who changes his perception. We know that applying at a university can be challenging – that is why we have compiled guidelines that help you through the process. Interneuron aims to strengthen cross-border cooperation in the field of neurosciences and neurotechnology in the Upper Rhine region. ... New partnership between CMU and ELLIS@Freiburg. And now the real work begins. Here and on Facebook, we announce events and share UCF news and developments.For events and news at the University Freiburg, please see here.. In 2020, the conference will be held entirely online for the first time. At the UNEP we learned that it is necessary to find ways to value the environment monetarily so that the environment has also a "seat at the table". The University of Freiburg will be hosting a virtual Tag der offenen Tür on November 18, 2020. We at UCF will participate with live sessions about our Liberal Arts and Sciences Program. 3 Dec 2020 – Stefan Kaufmann (Sociology, Freiburg): Introduction to Tissue Engineering and Cellular Therapies in Regenerative Medicine. March 27, 2020, 8:30-16:30Where? The BCF accepted the invitation of Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer, Rector of the University of Freiburg and President of Eucor – The European Campus, to represent the trinational university network of the Upper Rhine together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Benedikt just spent 16 months in Beijing as a DAAD-scholar, and will now start the Master program Computer Science at University College London. In this talk, expert Dr. Theresa Fallon, who is the founder of the think-tank CREAS and a longtime researcher of Europe-Asia relations, will share her expertise, discuss with us, and answer our questions. Rector Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Schiewer, Prof. Dr. Juliane Besters-Dilger, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, the sinologist Prof. Dr. Nicola Spakowski, the doctoral student Eva Rüskamp from the English Department, and Jann Köster, a law student, will discuss the developments and decisions of the past and coming months. Here you can find more information. Kontakt Institute for Economic Research. 11/11/2020 Unique opportunity for undergraduate students! 7, 79102 Freiburg im Breisgau, Tel. You can refine your search further. Veronika completed her doctorate and will be moving to Boise to be an Idaho Science and Technology Policy – Center for Advanced Energy Studies (ISTP-CAES) Fellow. Here and on Facebook, we announce events and share UCF news and developments. News; Uni Freiburg; 34 Current news of Uni Freiburg rss. News. You can register for the webinar at:, An important part of the Work Package 3 is scoping the EPICUR partners for potential collaborations in LAS-based teaching and learning. Their findings have now been published in the Journal of Neurophysiology. Beck are engaged in a collaboration on "A History of the World". Livestream. Bad Krozingen University Medical Center, University of Freiburg +49 (0) 761 / 270-63951 Topics are: Synthesis, Characterization and Materials Properties of Bioactive and Bioinspired Polymers. Further information about the film is hosted by the Freiburg Kommunales Kino. 20/10/2020 "This is a review that really has been missing in the field for quite some time!" The results show that an extra finger can significantly extend the manipulation abilities and skill. Paul Sterzel, UCF Managing Director, and a current LAS student will present the LAS study program and answer all your questions. November, Corona-bedingt in virtueller Form, zum ersten Mal den neu eingerichteten Bernstein-CorTec Preis für Computational Neuroscience und Neurotechnologie an zwei junge Nachwuchsforscherinnen, Júlia Gallinaro und Katharina Heining. The Erasmus Prize 2020 was awarded to Jeremy Fon Sing and Dr. Sergio Götte. Swiss Entomologist Visits University of Freiburg. Prior registration is necessary to enter the meeting and can be done HERE. At each session, affiliated researchers offer 25 minute lectures for students and the (University) public, followed by about 20 minutes of discussion.Â. more ›› Jun 16, 2020 | Publications Interview with Asifa Akhtar on "Gender-Gap in Science" Laborjournal 06/2020. The EPICUR alliance invites ERASMUS students and alumni to share their Erasmus "feeling" and experiences. A copy of the book will be available in the Reading Room once the Alte Uni will be open for us again." Here you can find more information on the topic or Dr. Fallon. Prof. Kerstin Krieglstein, Rector of the University of Freiburg, presents the first edition of the newly established Bernstein-CorTec Prize for Computational Neuroscience and Neurotechnology to two young researchers, Júlia Gallinaro and Katharina Heining, in the afternoon of November 4, for Corona-reasons in virtual format. Read more in our After LAS Stories. Save the Date! 0152 227 756 03 (Anamaria Nemet) Web: In absence of sensory input, neurons send and receive action potentials generated by the network itself. 5 Nov 2020 – Roderich von Detten (Forestry Economics, Freiburg): 19 Nov 2020 – Kate Rigby (Environmental Humanities, Bath): 17 Dec 2020 – Luisa Cortesi (Anthropology, Rotterdam): 14 Jan 2021 – Philippe Hamman (Sociology) & Aurélie Choné (Literature and Cultural Studies, Strasbourg): 28 Jan 2021 – Patrick Sakdapolrak (Human Geography, Vienna): 11 Feb 2021 – Ingo Krossing (Chemistry, Freiburg): November 2, 2020: Coronavirus Pandemic and Relevant Policies and Measures. 01.12.2019: Abhinav Valada is now an assistant professor and head of the robot learning lab at the University of Freiburg. An … City of Freiburg: The city of Freiburg website has information and regulations (in German) for Freiburg. 20 Abhinav Valada is a core faculty in the newly established Freiburg unit. June 03, 2019: Polydactyly is the extraordinary condition of someone being born with more than five fingers or toes. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, secondary school graduation exams and the issuing of school-leaving certificates has been delayed in Germany and many countries worldwide. In order to accommodate for this, the application period has been postponed at German universities. Our actions so far are not sufficient. We are very proud to announce, that Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. 0761 73551. Where? Select from the filter options on the left to narrow down your results. Based on in vitro studies and computational modeling, neuroscientists Dr. Samora Okujeni and Prof. Dr. Ulrich Egert from the Bernstein Center Freiburg now made an important contribution to the understanding of brain networks and their development: in their current study, they show how neuronal outgrowth and migration interact in shaping network architecture and the degree of modularity in mature networks. 12, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau, Tel. So we really appreciate that many of them stay and in contact with us and share their stories, like Benedikt, Elena and Veronika: Elena interned at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City this past year, and is now back to finish her Master of Culture, Communication & Globalization at Aalborg University, Denmark. When? Advising on Funding Options. We would like to thank all our supporters – students, staff, professors and many friends – for their commitment over the past year. To this end, the Freiburg WP3 / EPICUR team has put together a Mapping EPICUR Collaborations (curricular and co-curricular) survey.Â, Your participation in this survey enables WP3 toÂ. Kind Ava Molleson has given life to the world with her minimalistic imaginative illustrations. Our "EPICUR Erasmus challenge" continues. Their model is based on the idea that the stimulation triggers a rearrangement of synaptic couplings among stimulated and unstimulated neurons, eventually leading to network remodeling and cell assembly formation. Here you can find more information, a program, and registration (deadline 28. The World before 600" is edited by Prof. Hans-Joachim Gehrke who "leads a distinguished group of historians in analyzing prehistory, the earliest human settlements, and the rise of the world’s first advanced civilizations". University of Freiburg, Germany. The RDAD conference 2020 will take place on February 13th and 14th. : +49 (0)761 203 5204 . We congratulate both laureates warmly! News A 3D Brain Model for Realistic Optophysiology Training April, 15 2020: New Article Published in Journal of Neuroscience Methods: A starting kit for training and establishing in vivo electrophysiology, intracranial pharmacology, and optogenetics A research team from the Bernstein Center Freiburg analyzed these patterns in detail in a mouse model for a specific type of epilepsy (mesial temporal lobe epilepsy). July 01, 2019: Inform, explain, answer questions – this was the mission of Stefan Rotter, Managing Director of the Bernstein Center Freiburg (BCF), who travelled to Berlin for the 56th Baden-Württemberg Stallwächterparty. At UCF, Stoyan Panov is a lecturer in International Law and Jurisprudence and his research interests cover the areas of EU law, human rights law, international criminal law, international law, the rule of law, anti-corruption mechanisms, and international security. Dr. Ursula Glunk, UCF Academic Director, and a current LAS student will present the LAS study program and answer all your questions. Registration is open until December 6. Third party funded project on health-related data. Let's hope that they also "walk the talk"! All in all, we got a good insight into these important organizations and the work of some people. At each session, affiliated researchers offer 25 minute lectures for students and the (University) public, followed by about 20 minutes of discussion.Â, The series is bi-weekly on Thursdays, 12.15 pm – 1.00 pm on Zoom. They also explore how strongly health conditions are connected to the environment and the changing climate. The series is bi-weekly on Thursdays, 12.15 pm – 1.00 pm on Zoom. Another. The application period for starting the LAS program in October 2020, is June 1 – July 15.